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Irrigation Systems

Landsmith Landscape Gardening specializes in professionally designed landscape irrigation systems for commercial and residential applications. We have designed many irrigation systems throughout the U.A.E working primarily as a consultant to other Landscape Architectural and Engineering firms who have a unique project that requires a higher level of skill or knowledge than is provided in-house.

Irrigation systems deliver the key element that is responsible for sustaining your healthy landscapes: water. The increased demand for this commodity in U.A.E has come with urgency, thus the need for effective irrigation management and conservation exists today and in the future. Irrigation technology has improved greatly over the past 07 years with more efficient pumps, sprinklers, timers and drip systems.
Garden Services technicians, with over 07 years of experience, are licensed & skilled in all levels of irrigation installation, maintenance and repair, from residential irrigation systems with city water hook ups, to commercial pump stations with multiple pumps with 25 horsepower ratings we have it all covered. Irrigation services are available to all Residential, Commercial, Multi-Unit Residential Communities, Home Owners Association and Master Planned Communities.

Irrigation Management Services:

• New lawn sprinkler system installation
• Pump replacements (1-25+hp)
• Irrigation repair and renovations
• Drip irrigation
• 24/7 emergency service calls
• Hydraulic & electrical valve replacement
• Retrofitting popup heads, rotors, nozzles
• Low voltage electric wire locating & tracing
Garden Services in committed to providing superior customer service, quality work, and attention to detail. A Company you can trust. If you or your property representative are interested in any of the services that we provide please call or email the office and I will personally get in contact with you within 24 hours.

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